Our Diamond Refined Palmolein Oil

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Diamond Refined Palmlite Oil

Diamond Palm Oil carries the main components of nutrition and taste including Vitamin "A" and "E" and is trans-fat free fat. This makes Gold Mohar Palm Oil, a inexpensive replacement for butter in prepared foods and baked goods. Further, with an ideal balance of Saturated and Unsaturated fatty acids, and great oxidative stability, refined Palm Oil manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh has broad application of use for the manufacture of food items.

A fatty edible vegetable oil, yellowish in color, Palm Oil is derived from the flesh and the kernel of the fruit of the oil palm tree. This Palm Oil is crude. So as with all crude vegetable oils, crude Palm Oil has non-glyceride components including trace metals, kernel shell pieces and oxidation products. A refining and purification process helps remove these impurities and once the process is successfully done, the crude Palm Oil becomes edible and is called Refined Palm Oil.

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  • Diamond Refined Palmolein Oil 1 Liter