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Sri C. Vijaya Bhaskar, S/o. C. Pullanna has Established the Fertilizers Manufacturing Unit named as “BHASKAR FERTILIZERS LIMITED� in 2007, beside N.H. 44, Lolur Cross, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA, in Sy. No. 113-3B to 6B with close Proximity to Anantapur city in a very spacious of 10 acres. The fabrication work was carried on by highly experienced Engineers with Latest Technology.

Sri C. Vijaya Bhaskar is looking after the Factory duties as Chairman and Managing Director.

Smt. C. Visalakshi, W/o. C. Vijaya Bhaskar is assisting the Managing Director with a good Co-operation in all aspects as Director of the Factory.

The Fertilizers Manufacturing Unit was Established in 2007. Sri C. Vijaya Bhaskar is the founder of the Factory and he is looking after the duties as Chairman and Managing Director. In 2007, one N.P.K. Plant with a Production Capacity of 250 MTS per day, in 2008 one Single Super Phosphate plant with a Production Capacity of 300 MTS per day and in 2010 one Granualted Single Super Phosphate plant with a Production Capacity of 300 MTS per day.

BHASKAR FERTILIZERS LTD., is one of the leading Fertilizers Unit in South India with a Production Capacity of 1 Lakh Tones of Fertilizers per annum. Our Fertilizers with “ELEPHANT BRAND� are very popular in the markets and Product Quality is well appreciated by Fertilisers Dealers and certified in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka also.More than 300 employees are working in the Bhaskar Fertilizers Limited under the Co-operation and supervision of Sri. C. Vijaya Bhaskar, Chairman and Managing Director.

In future he has also planned to Establish Sulphuric Acid Plant, Di-Calcium Phosphate Plants and Star Hotels in future.

Promotion of balanced use of fertilizers

Company has been strongly advocating and promoting balanced and efficient use of fertilizers. It has identified soil testing as a primary diagnostic technique towards soil health management and balanced fertilizer use and is playing a pivotal role in educating farmers about benefits of soil test based application of chemical fertilizers, appropriate cropping pattern, the role of organic manure and bio-fertilizers in improving soil health. The programmes under taken to achieve this objective include farmers in house training at Kisan Vikas Kendra’s, arranging farmers’ meets with eminent scientists to equip them with requisite knowledge

Company also undertakes dealers training programmes, field demonstrations, distribution of crop literature,participated in kisan melas advising farmers on fertilizer dosages, use of bio-fertilizers, compost etc. for holisticapproach to cultivation.

Our Vision and Values

Bhaskar Fertilisers is committed to the safety and protection of its members and the environment. To this end all the raw materials are carefully screened to avoid potential hazards. Our members are trained from time to time in various aspects such as material handling, waste management, minimizing pollution and protecting the environment. Proper measures are in place to avoid accidents and safe handling of various processes. Our personnel are provided with safety gear to prevent and protect them from occupational hazards. All locations are subjected to safety audits and risk assessments. We are equipped with a primary treatment center for the effluents generated and also have an agreement with the local effluent treatment centers for further waste management. In addition, we have an active solid waste management program in association with the Hyderabad Waste Management Plant

Global “Leadership� in Plant Nutrition.
Excellence in products/performance, processes/costs and relationships.

"To be our Customer's trusted partner; providing innovative, cost-effective, timely solutions and helping them meet their goals."
We commit to provide our clients with excellence and integrity, complemented by uncompromising quality, timely response and delivery, absolute confidentiality, and dependable project management.

Deliver solutions that will please our customers
Deliver returns that motivate our investors
Take actions that strengthen us and inspire the best in others (by setting an example in relationships, integrity, honesty, humility and hard work).

Why Choose Us

Bhaskar Fertilisers maintaining good Quality. Quality is priority at Bhaskar Fertilisers). We follow a well defined Quality Management System throughout our business process. Our products are inspected by International testing agencies / Chartered Engineers before final dispatch. We also allow third party inspection at client's request.

Our product focus includes some of the most broadly used industrial and specialist commodities in the world ranging from industrial and Agriculture, minerals, industrial / high-value chemicals to precision engineered.

As a company we appreciate our customer’s requirement for absolute certainty throughout the trade process. Our assurance remains to provide our customers with open and fair price transparency, quality assurance through independent commodity inspection, financial integrity and accountability ensuring prompt delivery in the materials we trade ourselves or source to customer instructions.

We support customers from the beginning to end of the trade process from initial inquiry through to the formal delivery of actual product. Customer support is available directly and through our appointed Commodity Brokers which together delivers comprehensive information resource to guide our customers through all aspects of the trade process.


Meet our Management
  • C. Vijaya Bhaskar
  • Chairman & Managing Director

Sri C. Vijaya Bhaskar is the founder of the Factory and he is looking after the duties as Chairman and Managing Director.

  • C. Visalakshi
  • Director

Smt. C. Visalakshi is a good Co-operation in all aspects as Director of the Bhaskar Fertilisers Factory.